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ILA Minute Taking


Oct 20 2020


9 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min

The event is finished.

Effective Minute Taking


Course outline

This interactive course provides practical guidance on how to overcome most the problems faced by minute takers and to achieve accurate minute taking. Delegates learn not only how to overcome the usual problems faced by minute takers, but also develop a toolkit of personal skills which will boost their confidence in writing accurate minutes.

Whether you are new to your role and have little experience of minute taking at meetings, or you purely want an opportunity to reassess your minute writing skills, this training course will be beneficial to you. The interactive nature of the program will allow you to address our experts directly and also compare your experiences and challenges with others.

As a follow-up of this course, ILA also proposes a new course that will look at the skills company secretaries need for delivering a successful meeting through the 3 following aspects; careful planning (before the meeting), conducting capability (during the meeting) and critical evaluation (after the meeting).

This course is run by Philip Davis, author of the book “Effective Minute Taking” of which the 2nd edition has now been published.

“Effective Minute Taking” is a comprehensive, yet accessible book, which provides practical guidelines for overcoming most of the problems faced by minute takers and achieving accuracy in the minute taking process. That process includes not just the note-taking phase and the writing up of the final minutes, but all the activities surrounding these key phases which are essential for a successful outcome.

Participants will be able to buy a copy of the book at the course  directly from the author at the rate of 30 EUR. Only cash payments can be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

Target audience

Anyone charged with, or about to take responsibility for, taking minutes at meetings.


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