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ILA Sustainability Strategy


Jun 26 2020


9 h 00 min - 22 h 00 min

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One hour max talks on sustainability strategy: “Leading The Energy Transition” with Claude Seywert, ENCEVO


ILA is pleased to hold a series of short ‘one hour max talk’ with key decision makers who have already walked or have concrete plans to walk the pass to a strategy that fully embeds sustainability. The objective of these talks will be allow these decision makers to very concretely explain their ‘sustainability strategy’ and most of all provide feedback on what role their boards and the governance model in general has been or is playing in getting there.

This interview will be hosted by Raymond Schadeck and Gaston Trauffler, both members of the ILA Sustainability Strategy for Boards committee, who will welcome Claude Seywert, CEO of ENCEVO.

Claude Seywert

Claude Seywert was born on 13th July, 1971 in Luxembourg. He graduated in physics at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (Zürich, Switzerland). He continued his studies in the United States and holds an MSc and PhD in aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology, (CalTech).

He started his professional career as strategy consultant with McKinsey in Germany. In 2002, he joined the Group controlling department of Arcelor (now ArcelorMittal) in its Luxembourg headquarters and subsequently held several senior positions within the ArcelorMittal group before being appointed COO (Chief Operating Officer) Finishing, ArcelorMittal Florange (France).

He joined Creos Luxembourg S.A. in 2012 (having previously served in various boards of directors in the Enovos Group). Beginning 2014, he was appointed Deputy CEO of Creos Luxembourg S.A.

As of 1st August, 2015, Claude Seywert was appointed CEO and member of the board of directors of Creos Luxembourg S.A.

He has also been a member of the Executive Board of Encevo S.A. since that date and exercised this responsibility until 15 September 2018, when he assumed the position of Chairman of the Executive Board of Encevo S.A. and Group CEO from Mr Jean Lucius.

Mr Seywert also took over part of the responsibilities formerly held by Mr Michel Schaus, former Chief of Operational Support, who left the group at the end of the third quarter of 2018. Claude Seywert is also in charge of Corporate Development and Strategy, a responsibility formerly held by Mr Erik von Scholz.

Finally, he is also in charge of Technical Services.

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Practical information

Please note the sessions will be recorded.  In principle, this affects mainly the presenters, however if you unmute and talk you could also be recorded.  If you do not want to be on the recording, then please take care not to unmute yourself and refrain from the discussion.   You can still send questions via the chat channel.


• download zoom app to your phone or pc (nb.  you can also join via browser)

• join a few minutes before start

• familiarise yourself with the location of the chat function in order to ask questions or make comments

• if joining late, please do so quietly and stay on mute

• you will be automatically on mute and with your video turned off – please stay muted other that when the presenter open the session to questions

Please note that no CPD hours will be allocated to these interviews


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