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Mar 25 2021


18 h 30 min - 22 h 30 min

The event is finished.

10×6 Finance : Luxembourg post-Brexit


Who are the winners and losers of BREXIT? Clearly it depends on whether you ask truck drivers stuck at the channel tunnel or UK fund managers who lost the passport they previously benefitted from under the AIFMD.

Twelve months ago, some thought that Luxembourg would experience a wave of new companies, it was more of a trickle than a wave however even through personnel have not come, some assets have, contributing to the 5TN AuM now domiciled in the Grand Duchy.

While Dublin remains at the forefront of the race to relocate companies following the UK’s departure from the EU, Luxembourg is doing well, according to a study by British real estate services company Knight&Frank.

Of the companies that have been attracted to the Grand Duchy they tend to be asset managers and insurers, who account for about half of the movements recorded, with banks representing only 15% of the arrivals.

This 10×6 will be opened by His Excellency the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, John Marshall, who will precede ten expert views on the opportunities and challenges for the post-Brexit Luxembourg financial centre.

Please be advised that simultaneous translation is available for all our English-speaking members and you will have access to networking chat rooms after the event.

For this occasion, 100 places will be available in person at Kinepolis Kirchberg. You can register via registrations@paperjam.lu within the limits of available places.




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