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Jan 21 2021


17 h 00 min - 18 h 00 min

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Arendt we live #3: Digitalisation and cybersecurity, an unhappy marriage or an essential partnership?

Join Arendt at the live recording of its Arendt We Live podcast.

In this episode, our round table of experts will discuss the following theme: Digitalisation and cybersecurity, an unhappy marriage or an essential partnership?

There’s no doubt about it: businesses all over the world are undergoing a digital transformation – one that is being accelerated by the current health emergency, new digital behavioural phenomena and the use of connected assets.

For companies, digitalisation means that processes and work methods need to be supported by digital solutions, and that IT must come to play a predominant role in the execution of mandates. It also means that companies are having to store and process more and more data, be it on internal processes or on their investors, their clients, or other individuals and entities.

Thus, even as digital practices and applications hold many opportunities for businesses, they also create threat vectors in the financial sector and everywhere else, especially when it comes to cybersecurity.

How can we protect data when cybercrime is on the rise? How can we ensure confidentiality and integrity when performing real-time exchanges of data with the outside world? Which policies and procedures are needed to ensure good corporate governance in this respect? And what measures should be put in place when dealing with external service providers?

In this exclusive podcast, our guest speakers will deep-dive into these important questions.

With the participation of David Hagen (Hagen Advisory), ICT and cybersecurity advisor for the financial sector and former Head of IT Supervision and Support PFS at the CSSF and Chief Information Officer in charge of the Commission’s Information Systems.


– Astrid Wagner

– Jean-Marc Ueberecken

– Francis Kass

– David Hagen


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